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What makes Kumar Sangakkara great?

Kumar Sangakkara never seemed possessed of the single mindedness of Sachin Tendulkar. Nor the absolute self-belief bordering on arrogance of Brian Lara. Nor the robotic style of Jacques Kallis. Nor the iron will of Ricky Ponting. His genius almost crept up on the rails, partially concealed by a smile and his place for Sri Lanka [...]

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Knocking in your Cricket Bat

1: Cricket bats generally come with a wax finish there for grab a very fine sandpaper and take the wax off the area you will oil in.Oiling. Oiling your cricket bat is the first step in the knocking in process. Using the Raw Linseed oil or Specialized bat oil lightly oil your new bat. No [...]

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Here is a great piece by one of our partners in SC COACHING by Steve Chapman. http://www.sccricketcoaching.comI doubt there would be a batsman in the game who hasn’t hit a shot that`s gone for 4 or 6 and said to himself `How the heck have I done that`? But wow didn’t it feel good! These kinds [...]

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The Wide Grain MythGenerally we would expect a blade to have wide grain if it has less than 6 grains on the face. The width of the grain is entirely dependent upon how fast the tree has grown, each grain represents one year’s growth. The factors that affect the rate of growth are the soil [...]

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Type of wood: English willow v kashmir.Like the name suggests English Willow has been grown in England for many years in large plantations because the weather conditions, rain and temperature are right. It cannot be replicated anywhere else though it has been tried.Kashmir Willow is grown in India and Pakistan where the weather conditions aren't [...]

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DO's and DON'T's of cricket bats!

Do's and Dont's of Cricket Bats DO NOT leave your cricket bat in the hot boot of a car. This is one of the worst things you can do especially in hot summer months when cricket is played. DO NOT take your dismissal out on the cricket bat once you get in the change rooms. [...]

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